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About Our Delivery Service

Can’t drive? Don’t have enough time? Can’t leave your house? Let us come to you with our new delivery service in the Brampton/Caledon area! Shop with Over thousands of Brands from LCBO & The Beer Store just from your home!

Get everything the same price as you would pay walking in the store plus a fair delivery charge! We do not apply any extra charges like other competitors do!

Want more than just liquor? We also do special orders where you can order items like Cola/sprite/Pepsi & even smokes! Just be sure to include the item(s) you’d like in the “Special Order” field!

Receive your order within 45 minutes! Call 647-448-4607 or click here to Order Online!


Opening Hours

Sunday11:00AM -7:30PM
Monday10:00AM - 9:30PM
Tuesday10:00AM - 9:30PM
Wednesday10:00AM - 9:30PM
Thursday10:00AM - 9:30PM
Friday10:00AM - 9:30PM
Saturday10:00AM - 9:30PM

What We Deliver

Select from the most popular brands available at the Beer Store!
Select from the finest brands found at LCBO!
Let us know what smokes you'd like when you're ordering in the "Special Order" field & will have them at your door!
Soft Drinks
Order your soft drink for chase with wide selected brands! Just let us know in the "Special Order" field!

Popular Brands

Delivery Location

We currently only deliver in the Brampton and Caledon area, we hope to be extending our coverage in the coming future!

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Contact us if you feel like you have any questions @ the following addresses.

Tel: 647-448-4607